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Food Covers Stencils

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This piece is very useful in the kitchen. For those bowls without plastic lids or if you lose the lid, this lid bowl can solve the fabric problem! !

  • First, remove the paper mold from the diameter of the bowl. Increase the circumference by 3 to 4 cm, scrape and cut off.
  • Place on the folded fabric and cut 2 pieces.
  • In one of the parts, scratch the diameter of the center and cut to get a fabric loop (carnival).
  • Connect straight and straight and stitch together. Parker and open this piece.
  • Fold and stitch the 0.5 cm hem inward, leaving an opening to increase elasticity.
  • Pass a safety pin through the elastic band, sew and close the opening.

100% cotton fabric, matching printing.

Ideal for stainless steel bowls that do not come with a manufacturer's plastic cover.

There are 3 works of different sizes on the same printed matter.

Bowls with diameters of 18cm, 22cm and 26cm.

It is fully washable and elastically closed.